Photography 101: The Second Time Around

February 25 felt like it was just like any other Saturday, except that there was something during the afternoon that needed my attention.

That something was my second Photography 101 workshop, this time it was held at Bo’s Coffee in Eton Tower at Makati City. It was my first time both in Eton Tower and in the branch of Bo’s Coffee of that building.

Unlike the first workshop, I wasn’t uneasy and I wasn’t all over the place. I knew how it was going to go. Things flowed smoothly, from ingress to the nitty gritty preparation details.

The workshop started on time, with all eleven attendees coming in early. It was a good mix of fresh faces and familiar faces. Michael and Paolo, both of them attendees from my first workshop, attended again. It was truly heart-warming, seeing two of my former students enroll again because they thought one workshop wasn’t enough and that they didn’t want to stop learning.

There was one attendee that stood out the most. My good friend, Mark. We’ve known each other since college and it was just recently that I saw his interest in photography. Turns out, his dad is a hobbyist and he now plans to use his gear and his dad’s old gear to take photos of his daughter.

They were very inquisitive from the get go and they took advantage of the house rule “Questions will be entertained at any point of the workshop.” The participants asked questions as much as they could! I really welcomed the idea of putting the workshop on hold for a few minutes just to be able to answer their questions.

From camera settings for street photography to old school Nikon 50mm f/1.2 lens, the topics and questions that were really diverse. The attendees kept me on my toes and it was such an amazing feeling.

Before the session ended, I told the participants to ask me anything. In my mind, I thought that they were going to ask me photography-related questions. The questions they asked surprised me, to say the least. From college course to my first job, why I left my day job to is the risk I took worth it. It felt like I was telling my life story, haha! But it was fun, it was one way for me to bond with my participants.

When all was said and done, February 25 was one of my most tired and exhausting but fulfilling days in my photography career. And I’d give everything to have a lot more of that.

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